The Bike Lounge

The Bike Lounge VIP

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Attention cyclists and coffee lovers!

We're excited to announce The Bike Lounge VIP for just 500 per month!

The Bike Lounge VIP card includes:
- Four (4) complimentary drinks valid for 30 days.
- One (1) specially curated drink exclusive for the month valid for 30 days.
- 10% off on regular priced food and drink purchases in our cafe.
- Access to Wi-Fi and use of charging stations for your devices.
- Relax, recharge, and refresh after a long bike ride with complimentary use of shower area.
- Be the first to know and receive special offers for events, camping tours, and products exclusive to VIPs.
- Plus, you will have a special gift from us on your birth month for The Bike Lounge After Hours Lounge use.

To sign up for the The Bike Lounge VIP, simply click ADD TO CART, message us through our social media accounts or stop by our cafe and ask our friendly barista for more information.

Whether you're a serious cyclist or just enjoy a leisurely ride, The Bike Lounge VIP is the perfect way to treat yourself and take your coffee break to the next level. Don't miss out on this exclusive offer - sign up today!

Click and read to know more: The Bike Lounge VIP Card Terms and Conditions