Loyalty Program



✓ Instantly earn 1 Lunsay point for every ₱1 purchased and use accumulated points to redeem food, drinks, and other products.
✓ Redemption is at 1000 points = ₱50 value.
✓ Exclusive Members only Freebies and Discounts.
✓ Lifetime Membership. No need to renew or register again.
✓ No Points Expiry.




    1. Visit lunsay.com
    2. Sign in to Lunsay Rewards using your email address.
    3. Click REDEEM. Points redemption is automatic, and system generated. Please do not share your account password to others as a safety measure.



Q: How do I join?

A: Register your email address at lunsay.com and instantly start earning points. No need for membership cards, just use your email address to transact every time you purchase.


Q: What are Lunsay points?

A: Lunsay points are earned when you buy from Lunsay Online Store through lunsay.com. Use the points towards food, drinks, and other product purchases from Lunsay.


Q: Do the points expire?

A: Accumulated Lunsay points DO NOT EXPIRE.


Q: How do I collect points?

A: Earn 1 Lunsay point for every ₱1 for food, drinks, and products that you purchase at Lunsay Online Store through Lunsay.com.


Q: How do I check my points?

A: Click this link and sign in using your email. You may also visit our homepage, click Lunsay Rewards Icon at the lower right and sign in using your email to check points.


Q: How do I redeem my points?

A: Your points are converted to discount coupon/s so you can redeem or use them to conveniently pay for purchases. Your 1000 Lunsay points is equal to ₱50 worth discount value. ₱50 off coupon applies to total orders over ₱1000.


Q: Can my family and friends use my ₱50 off coupon code?

A: Yes, discount codes are transferable to family and friends and can be only used once. Discount code should be applied at the Checkout Page. Only one discount code can be applied per transaction. Any gift card denomination cannot be purchased using discount codes.


Q: How do I refer to my family and friends?

A: Visit Lunsay.com homepage, sign in your email address and click Lunsay Rewards Icon to share your unique URL referral code and we will give them 10% off coupon reward with no minimum purchase required. And as a loyal referring customer, you also get 10% off coupon reward with no minimum purchase required.


Q: What happens if I lose my email address?

A: You need a working email address to redeem your points. In case your previous email address is no longer accessible, points can be transferred to your new email address. Click here for our Contact Us page to request points transfer to your new email address.



  •     All transactions must be placed through the online website platform.
  •     Points awarding and redemption is automatic, and system generated.
  •     Previous purchases not awarded with Lunsay points cannot be requested for points conversion.
  •     Points converted to discount coupon/s cannot be reverted to points.
  •     Lunsay reserves the right to change the rewards program and points value at our discretion.